A Road Encounter

Bruce Von Stiers

Two women. One running from danger. The other has just caused danger. What an odd pairing. But it is that pairing that is the basis for the short film thriller Wolfdog.

As the film begins, we meet Anya. She's in a house, dressed in white, hooded, coveralls. The type worn by forensic personnel. Someone enters the house. They ask a question and then Anya commits a horrendous crime. But does she?

Then Anya is in a car, tooling down the road, late at night. She sees a woman on the side of the road, trying to hitch a ride. She starts to move past and then goes back and picks up the woman. That woman is Harriet. It seems Harriet is running away from danger. But is she really?

As the two women go on down the road, Harriet tells Anya a story about hunters and wolf dogs. This is where the film's title seems to have come from.

As the film moves forward, there are a multitude of questions that the viewer might be asking themselves. What is Anya's story and did she really do what was implied at the start of the film? Is Harriet really running away from danger or from something she, herself, did? Will a dangerous situation arise between the two women? Well, maybe not everyone who watches the film will the thinking these questions, but they are the ones that crossed my mind.

Anya was played by Samantha Aneson. Her credits included an appearance on the show Super(fluous) and the feature film, The Blacklight. Elise Rovinsky played Harriet. In addition to several feature films, Elise has been seen in New Amsterdam, FBI and Law and Order: SVU. Alex Raby and Nicola Balac are in one scene in the film.

Nick Snow was the director and screenwriter for the film. He also did the cinematography. Nick has worked in several capacities behind the camera, including editor, composer and producer.

There was a bit of suspenseful music during the film. That was done by Ryan McTear, who has a lot of film music credits, including the horror film Dead Till Death. Don Hatton was the executive producer for the film. He's held that position in several other films and co-founded Dashford Media with Nick Snow.

I found Wolfdog to be an interesting film. There was a sense of peril that moved its way through the film. Would this random encounter become something hazardous or worse?

The dialog between the actors was well done. And the cinematography was good, especially the scenes in the car. And there were some decent long shots of the car going down the road.

Wolfdog has been getting a lot of positive reactions. In fact, it was recently chosen as an official selection for the upcoming 2022 Atlanta Film Festival .

I don't know the official release date for Wolfdog. But I think the film will be released to the public after it is done making the festival circuit.

Here is a link for additional information about Wolfdog, https://www.dashfordmedia.com/wolfdog


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