Trapper's May Day

Bruce Von Stiers

Trapper Schoepp may not be a name you are familiar with. But this Wisconsin based singer/songwriter has been getting a lot of notice the last few years. Trapper even got co-songwriting credit for a song with Bob Dylan.

In 2019, Trapper released a well-received album, Primetime Illusion. That album included the song, On Wisconsin, which is the song he shared credit with Bob Dylan.

This year finds Trapper with a brand new album. This album is titled May Day. It has themes of love, loss and being a non-conformer. May Day is being released by Grand Phony Records.

The album was produced by Trapper and Ian Olvera. Ian does engineering on albums, played with the Sleepwalkers and is currently playing with the band Blueheels.

The album has ten songs and a play time of thirty-three minutes.

On the album, Trapper does the lead vocals and plays piano and acoustic guitar. His brother, Tanner Schoepp, plays electric guitar and does vocals. Tanner has played with Trapper on several albums. Jacob Bicknase is on drums and does percussion. He's a member of the band Thompson Springs. Matt Smith plays electric and slide guitars on the album. Quinn Scharbar plays guitar on the album. Besides playing and recording with numerous bands, Quinn is a partner in a company that provides music for film, television and certain branded content. Phillipe Bronchtein is on pedal steel and synth. He produces for several artists and has played with The War and Treaty. Matt Koen is on pedal steel as well. Ian Olvera, who I mentioned earlier, plays the organ, piano and synth.

The title track, May Day, starts the album. Although the lyrics mention the first day of May, the song is ultimately about him getting away from a woman whom he's become addicted to. It has smooth vocals and a mild toe-tapping sound.

Hotel Astor has a nice piano intro. About halfway through the song, there is a super tough guitar riff. It seems to be love lost lament with lyrics about a fire and someone not waking up. But I learned that there was an actual fire at the Hotel Astor in Green Bay in 1966. In that fire, several people died.

River Called Disaster is a rocking, head bopping tune.

Yellow Moon is a cool, almost alt folk sounding song. There is a toe-tapping beat, slick pedal steel and synth and great vocals.

Paris Syndrome is a mild song with nice leading and backing vocals. She was with him and now is gone. So he is lost and it is definitely nothing like he expected.

Little Drop of Medicine is dark and broody. It is a way cool song about temptation and the possible results.

Solo Quarantine is a wonderful, yet sad song. It tells a story about someone lonely and isolated, who reaches out to someone in their past.

I Am A Rider begins as an almost mild pop tune. It continues with that type of music, a kind of toe-tapping beat.

It Didn't Take is a solid anthem about not conforming to the way others want him to be.

Something About You closes out the album. It is a gentle love ballad.

I am one of those people who weren't familiar with Trapper Schoepp and his music. But having listened to this new album, I definitely like his music. I especially liked the storytelling that can be found in the songs Solo Quarantine and Hotel Astor.

May Day is now available at most music outlets and streaming services.

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