Catching Up With Joe's Past

Bruce Von Stiers

There are times when your best intentions aren't best, or even good, for others. And when you have an ego as big as Montana, well, things can get a bit tricky. And have unintended consequences. That is basically the premise of the comedy short film, They Got Out.

Joe Hansen is a guy with a lot going on. He makes a lot of money in real estate and he's going to propose to his girlfriend. But, first, there's some loose ends he must tie up. That's when things go wrong.

Madison is Joe's girlfriend. What she doesn't know is that Joe has been sleeping with her sister, Casey. Well, trying to break it off with Casey is messy as when Madison finds out about the two of them. On a side note, Joe thinks he's got his boss over a barrel because of something he discovered.

Because Joe is so full of himself, he thinks that things are going really well. That is, until the closet in his bedroom apparently becomes a portal to hell. Skeletons begin to try to escape into the real world and avenge themselves upon Joe.

But are these skeletons the real deal, or are they just manifestations of Joe's subconscious? Maybe all of those skeletons in Joe's past are trying to find their way into the light of day.

In the film, Joe talks to the audience. Right away, you get the feeling that Joe is just too arrogant for his own good. And, later, that proves to be very true.

They Got Out is an interesting dark comedy. Played out in the film are a few of Joe's past transgressions. A teenage driving hit and run, sleeping with his girlfriend's sister and blackmailing his boss over a tryst he'd uncovered, were just a few of the things that Joe apparently guilty of.

Kasey O'Barr plays Joe. Kasey has starred in several other short films. Anna Borchert plays the aggrieved girlfriend, Madison. Along with roles in several films, Anna has been seen in series such as CSI:Cyber, Wicked City and Doom Patrol. Gracie Davis, who plays Casey, has starred in a couple of other short films.

Mostly noted as a precision stunt driver, Paul Chappell plays Joe's boss, Brad. Having portrayed various characters in series documentaries, Linzmarie Schultz plays the real estate office secretary.

Other actors in the film included Neftali Hernandez, Grant Pfost, Olivia Sage, Rick Perez, David Godfrey and Action Dojo. Also appearing in the film were Steph Allen, Natalie Grace and Linda A. Zollo.

Chiken Green has served as assistant director on several films and television series. He is the director of They Got Out. He also co-wrote the screenplay with Sean Hatchet. Sonny Pimentel was the cinematographer for the film. John C. Farris was the executive producer for the film.

The person who brought this film to my attention was Cristin Azure. She was the producer for the film. Her previous credits include being a precision stunt driver on several television series and films such as Black Widow. Cristin has also produced several short films and acted in assorted films and television series.

They Got Out was a fun way to show how someone's past can catch up with them. Those skeletons in the closet can definitely come back to haunt you.

They Got Out can be found on YouTube. The link to the film is

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