Cool Dancing With The Meeps

Bruce Von Stiers

Animated music videos have been around for a long time. Some are just okay, due to technological or talent constraints. Others are good, but are part of a larger enterprise, such as an animated film. Sometimes there comes along a stand-alone animated music video. Again, most of those are really good. But it isn't that often to have a great stand-alone animated music video. But I just watched one of those great ones.The music video is from a band called The Meeps. And the song in the video is Love Louder. The video is just over three minutes long.

Actually The Meeps is a made up band. It was the creation of British music entrepreneur Simon Fuller. Apparently Fuller had an idea for a animated music video after meeting Olivier Staphylas, the animator behind films such as Kung Fu Panda and Penguins of Madagascar.

The band members of The Meeps are all animals. The lead singer is Axel, who is a tiger. Mackenzie is a sheep and the band's bass player. Jazz is on the keys and is an artic fox. Brendan is a giraffe and the lead guitarist. And the drummer is Raphael, who happens to be a moose. And their manager is Martin, a porcupine DJ.

The storyline for the video is that that The Meeps were a London based band who decided that their stardom would be found in Los Angeles. So there are scenes in L.A. such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame, complete with an The Meeps star.

In addition to the music, the video has the characters do some very, very cool dance moves. Apparently, the choreography for the characters was coordinated by Nicky Anderson. He'd worked with Fuller on choreography for the band Now United.

Lamar Morris provides the excellent vocals for Axel. Lamar has been a member of Now United. I don't have any information about the musicians who played on the song. But they were exceptional.

The Meeps - Love Louder is a fun, smile effecting animated music video. You may get up and dance yourself while watching it. But if not, I'm sure you will enjoy the music and the animation.

The Meeps Love Louder is a finalist in the 2023 French Riviera Film Festival. You can learn a bit more about the video and the other finalists on a web page for the festival. The page for the festival finalists can be found here



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