Mary's Time

Bruce Von Stiers

Selina Leone is a model, photographer, artist and filmmaker.

Selina has a few films that she's made that have a kind of experimental tone to them. One of those films is The Island of Time.

The Island of Time is a short film that has a play time of little over three and a half minutes.

The film stars Selina, along with Lilian Panova and Christian Enchev.

The film opens with a woman in a kayak, paddling in the water. She says her name is Mary and begins telling a story about her travel through time. Mary's narration is done in front of some old-time European folk style of music.

We see her as a young girl with her uncle drawing a picture. And then there is some strange flame like things going on with him just being a silhouette.

Later Mary gets a letter from the uncle with cryptic clues about time. Mary goes in search of what she believes the clues to mean.

The Island of Time is an interesting film. The concept of time travel has been played out over many centuries. From spoken and written stories to radio, television and film, there have been an enormous amount of time travel tales. This one is a very short and a bit different. It indeed has the tone of an experimental film.

The only detractor I have with the film is that Selina's accent is pretty strong, and it sometimes made it difficult for me to understand clearly what she was saying with the music playing in the background.

The Island of Time is on YouTube. You can find it here:

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