Kate's Momentary Beauty

Bruce Von Stiers

Kate Hamann is a recent graduate of the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami. Kate is a trumpeter who's also good on flugelhorn. And she does great vocals.

Kate has recorded a new album. Momentary Beauty is the title of the new album, which is a follow-up to Kate's 2020 EP, When I Grow Up.

Kate studied under Bill Sears at the Interlochen Arts Academy. Upon graduation, she moved on to the Frost School of Music. Aside from her studies, Kate has performed with such notables as Jennifer Hudson and Dave Liebman. During her time at Frost, Kate began to utilize her vocal talents in her songs. Per the press release for the album, Kate considers this a bridge between vocal and instrumental music, making it “seem like one continuous instrument.” I think that the combination works well for Kate.

There are eight songs on the new album. It has a play time of thirty-eight minutes. It is being self-released.

Jason Arkins played tenor and alto sax on the album. A recent graduate at the Frost School of Music himself, Jason won a Downbeat student award for his performance in a small jazz combo. Diego Melgar played guitar. He is a Miami based artist who also studied at Frost.

Angel Perez was on piano. He is a pianist from Venezuela who played with Venezuela Big Band Jazz for three years. Angel studies at Frost as well. On bass was Mike Ramos. He was a National YoungArts winner for three years in a row. Mike attended Frost too. Max Marsillo played drums on the album. He's played all over the U.S. with different groups and led his own band. Mike also attended Frost School of Music for his Masters in Music Performance degree.

Aside from playing trumpet on the album, Kate does play the flugelhorn and sings on a few songs too. Kate also composed all of the music for the album.

The songs on the album are meant to convey a long and enduring love story.

Butterflies is the first song. Fun and light, it might make someone think of a first meeting, a first dance or a chance encounter.

What Could Love Be is a combination vocal and instrumental song. It begins as a bit of a lament but picks up in the middle. The song has some nice saxophone and trumpet along with smooth vocals.

Daydream and Daydream (Reprise) are instrumental pieces. The music does reflect the titles a bit. There is some really good guitar as a lead into Kate's flugelhorn playing here. And then there is a really good piano solo too.

Stepping Stones has a great sax solo along with nice vocals and trumpet from Kate. The song is about being loyal to each other during difficult times.

Cherish You is soft and gentle. It is meant to be a reminder of the times we have with the ones we love. It is a nice jazz ballad.

The title track, Momentary Beauty, is a very interesting song. It deals with the intensity of love for someone, and the endearing experience as a loved one dies.

Songs We Used To Sing is the final song on the album. Fluid and lyrical vocals can be found in the song. It is about trying to cope with the loss of the one that they love.

Momentary Beauty is a superb album. Not only does Kate Hamann have remarkable talent as a trumpeter, but she has also really nice vocals. And the gifted artists who play on the album help convey Kate's talents as a composer as well.

Momentary Beauty is set to be released on November 18th . It will be available at most music retailers and streaming services.

If you'd like to learn more about Kate Hamann, visit her website at https://www.katehamannmusic.com/


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