A Business Proposal For Marriage?

Bruce Von Stiers

Good Business Sense is a comedy short film. But it is a comedy film with a romance theme. And a business theme also. But wait. That doesn't make sense does it? In this film it makes perfectly good sense. At least to one of the people in the film.

Barth is a businessman. He loves his analytical and statistical data. So much so, that he uses all of those and other business tools to propose marriage. His intended is Claudia. Bart has Claudia meet him at a restaurant. At a table in a secluded part of the restaurant, Barth lays out his proposal.

But here's the thing. Barth approaches the whole marriage proposal as if it was a business meeting and Claudia was a potential business partner or possible client. As the film, and the proposal goes along, Claudia is far from impressed with the presentation and could, just possibly, decline the proposal.

In addition to the strange proposal, there is a hilarious bit with a waiter. It seems that this restaurant is so special that it has a condiment waiter. This waiter pretty much steals the scenes he's in.

Misstep upon misstep occur during the presentation. Having already found the church, set the wedding date, named the children and calculating Claudia's future earnings are but a few of the presumptions that Barth brings forth. But with each item, this proposal seems to be far less than a sure thing.

Now, as ridiculous as the plot seems, I can actually imagine some stuffed shirt professional coming up with a marriage proposal like this. How well that type of proposal would work is another thing. If Claudia was analytical and non emotional towards the proposal, it could well have been a near perfect merger. But that was not the case. The remainder of the film deals with the fallout from the possible failed proposal.

Skyler Caleb was Barth. In addition to acting in short and feature films, Skyler is also a director, producer and screenwriter. Janna Bossier was Claudia. Janna has been in a bunch of films and was featured in shows such as S.W.A.T and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. Paul Rogan was the condiment waiter. From Castle to Big Love to American Horror Story, Paul has been seen in a ton of television series and several films.

The force behind Good Business Sense was Emmett Loverde. He wrote the screenplay and produced and directed the film. Emmett has directed several short films and the feature film Girls Night In, which was based on a play that he wrote.

Good Business Sense is an enjoyable comedy. The acting was well done, not too overdone. And the deadpan interactions that the waiter has with the couple is excellent.

Good Business Sense has been out for a little while. Currently it is a featured offering on the streaming service Tubi.

There is a Facebook page where you can learn more about the film and it's cast. That page is https://www.facebook.com/GoodBusinessSense/

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