--Folk Rock / Americana / Bluegrass --

Joseph Eid - Human

Jack Kerowax - Jack Kerowax

The Gray Havens - Fire And Stone

Kingwhistler - Grass Routes

Shotgun Holler - Loaded

Sarah Clanton - Sarah Clanton

Amilia K. Spicer - Wow And Flutter

Jennifer Vazquez - Rediscovering Me

Coastwest Unrest - The Crazed Ones

The Americans - I'll Be Yours

Birds of Chicago - Love In Wartime

Gin,Chocolate & Bottle Rockets - Lean

The Gary Douglas Band - Deep In The Water

Lizanne Knott, Jesse Terry, Michael Logen - Sunset Avenue Sessions

The Long Ryders - Psychedelic Country Soul

William Tyler - Goes West

Jeffrey Halford And The Healers - West Towards South

Lizanne Knott - Bones and Gravity

Kate Mills - Every Bittersweet Drop

The Holy Hive - Float Back To You

Evelyn Cools - Misfit Paradise

cf Watkins - Babygirl


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