Eid's Watch It Fall

Bruce Von Stiers

It's been about four years ago that an album titled Human came my way. This was a full length album by pop rock artist Joseph Eid. He was an up and coming artist at the point. Now Joseph has a legion of fans and has performed at venues such as the Folk Alliance Conference in Kansas City.

This year finds Joseph with a brand new release, a six song EP. Like the previous album I reviewed, this one has stories weaved into the lyrics, with both heartbreak and insight. The title of the EP is Watch It Fall.

The EP was produced by Joseph and Brian Soucy. Joseph wrote all of the songs. It has a play time of twenty-three minutes. The EP is being self released.

Joseph plays acoustic guitar and does the vocals on the EP. Helping out Joseph on the album are Vern Monnett, Lynn Coulter, Steve Nelson, Craig Stull, Bobby Crew, CC Treadway, Brian Soucy and Andy Najera. Vern played both electric and pedal steel guitars along with some acoustic guitar. Lynn was on drums and percussion. Steve played the bass while Bobby was on piano and organ. Brian helped out on percussion for a couple of songs and Andy played the saxophone on one. Craig and CC provided some backing vocals. CC and Craig were on the Human album as well.

Starting Over is a light, toe tapping song about ending relationships and starting over. He's not overly concerned about being alone and having to start over with a new relationship. The vocals are fluid and somewhat smile effecting.

Tomb (Walked Away) is about him walking away from a relationship to pursue a dream. And that love could come later, but probably not. It is a lyrical ballad that should be sad but is actually almost upbeat.

The title track, Watch It Fall, is about him not moving forward, describing his neighbors and how some of them had their dreams dashed. He's been told over and over to go, but still he stays. It is a melodic, yet somewhat sad ballad. .

Diary is a fun and smile effecting song with a toe tapping beat. There is some cool sax in the song.

One And Only is soft and easy with a sliver of blues rock. It has a great guitar solo.

Let Me In is the last song. It has an almost reggae tone to it. The song is about him trying to breaking through to someone. There are some nice backing vocals that complement Joseph well.

In my review of Human, I wrote that Joseph Eid would be a name that heard a lot. He is definitely starting to get name recognition. Performing at top venues such as the Folk Alliance Conference is helping with that. And with this new EP, I'm sure that Joseph will garner even more fans. His songs are melodic and deal with real life's ups and downs.

Watch It Fall can be purchased at iTunes, Google Play, Apple Music, Amazon and other music retailers.

Check out Joseph's official site to hear songs from Watch It Fall and to learn more about him. The site is https://josepheidmusic.com/ . Joseph also has a Facebook fan page at https://www.facebook.com/josepheidmusic

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