Island Dreams

Bruce Von Stiers

Selina Leone is a filmmaker. She is also known as Selina Dimitrova. A native of an eastern European country, Selina has made a few experimental film that have garnered a lot of attention. One of these films is titled Certamente.

This is a short film, being less than seven minutes long. The film is about a young woman and the dream she has. The young woman dreams of being on an island somewhere. It is a destination place for people seeking guidance and glimpses into their futures. There is a painting that ties that ties the dream to reality which sits in the woman's bedroom.

The film is a bit different. Did the young woman really dream about the island, or did she get drawn into an alternate universe? The underlying theme of the film seems to be about intuition and being able to recognize your own abilities.

I thought that the film was very interesting. The film had English sub-titles so you actually had to make sure to completely watch the film to get the meaning of the words spoken.

Certamente won an award for excellence in filmmaking from the Hollywood Gold Awards. It was also an official selection at the 2021 Moody Crab Film Fest awards.

Certatmente is available to watch for free on YouTube. The link to the film is


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