Addictions Can Be Deadly

Bruce Von Stiers

12 Step programs mostly have a positive effect on people. Especially for people like Devi. She just got her chip for 7 years of not drinking. And it's a fancy chip too.

That's the opening for a horror short film titled Boo. The film stars Rakefet Abergel as Devi. Rakefet's credits include the series Breaking Fat and Addicts Anonymous, She played Adams Sandler's sister in Just Go With It and has starred in a number of film shorts, including one I recently reviewed, Jax In Love.

Other people in the film include Parisa Fitz-Henley as Ava, Laura Wiggins as Grace and Briggitte Graham as Paislee . Parisa has had roles in series such as Midnight, Texas, The Sinner and Luke Cage as well as roles in films such as Fantasy Island and My Spy. Laura has had a role in The Tomorrow People, guested on shows such as CSI and Law & Order:SVU as well as being in the film short I mentioned earlier, Jax In Love. Briggitte has been in films such as Black Widows and Misfire, along with several film shorts.

Cyclamen Films was the production company behind the film. Rakefet was the main producer. She also co-wrote the script along with Tiffany Kiely. Aside from writing and producing, Tiffany has also acted in several features and short films.

A meeting ends and, as people are walking out the door, we hear a 12-step mantra. A couple of women say their goodbyes to Devi and some others. Then Devi and two of her friends from the meeting are outside talking. They talk about Devi's sobriety and reminisce about past drinking. Then the friends leave and Devi is waiting for her fiancé, Jared, to pick her up. She keeps texting him. Where is he?

Devi has an encounter with someone in the parking lot of the building. But it doesn't end well. Devi is still waiting for Jared. Again, where is he?

The person in the encounter was played by Michael VIllar, who's been seen in shows such as Man With A Plan and The Cool Kids. Jared was played by Josh Kelly. He co-starred in Buff City Law and was in Midnight, Texas. Josh also co-starred in UnREAL.

I wasn't too sure about how this film would go. Plots surrounding 12-step programs and their participants can be dramatic, but where's the horror angle? Even the encounter that I mentioned didn't seem to trigger a true horror aspect. But at some point, I was surprised by what occurred in the film. That gave the audience an interesting horror angle to the plot. But if you were paying close attention, there were subtle clues sprinkled throughout the dialog that might lead you to guess the horror aspect.

Well acted and filmed, Boo is definitely worth checking out.

Boo is available on several platforms, including YouTube.

Here are a Facebook page and a Twitter page associated with Boo .

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