Sisters, TV and Cosplay

Bruce Von Stiers

Two sisters, Adriana and Ollie, have fought for years. Upon the death of their mother, the rift completely tears them apart. The final straw is a camera that was their mother's that both want. One sister gets the camera and becomes a professional photographer. The other is just an amateur one.

That is the beginning of the short film, Behind Her Makeup. The film was directed and produced by Erika Sherman. She also co-wrote the screenplay with Misha Pharone.

While the story of the sisters unfolds, the audience is introduced to Tracy Lynn. She is a talk show host who interviews celebrities and what not. Unbeknownst to fans of her show, Tracy is also a cosplayer. She wants to remain anonymous in her role as a cosplayer. Maybe her television fans wouldn't approve of the cosplay?

Adriana's boyfriend breaks up with her, only to reappear three years later as the story moves forward three years from the beginning of the film. Ollie has a great job as a photographer. She tries to compete in a photo contest for top musical artist Electric Dynamite. Adriana attempts to compete in the same contest. And there happens to be a few strange interactions between Tracy and her agent, Ed Downs along the way.

What the two sisters and Tracy have to do with each other becomes clear before long.

Along with her behind the camera functions on the film, Erika plays Tracy Lynn. She has acted, directed and produced a few films. Her acting credits include the short film A Thirst for Life and Erika directed another short film, Broken Mirror.

Adriana was played by Nina Andrea. She is known for the thriller short films Raven, Body Shop and Broken Mirror. Ollie was played by Rochelle Reynard, who was in the mini-series The Accidental Redhead.

Misha Pharone not only co-wrote the screenplay, he played Ed Downs in the film. The director of photography for the film was Antione Evans.

Other actors in the film included Beaux Emerson as Electric Dynamite and Raymond Ritzau as Adriana's ex, Adam. There was also Samantha Johnson and Dana Anne, who plays the mother of the sisters.

This is an interesting comedy film. The acting is not too bad and the cinematography is pretty decent. The story is a bit different as it's as much about Tracy as it is about the two sisters. Hence the title of the film. The film ends up being a bit of reconciliation and a bit of retribution mixed together.

Behind Her Makeup is free to watch on YouTube. You can find it at


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