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BVS Reviews has been around since 1997. In 2000, we moved away from AOL, established a domain name and became

BVS Reviews provides reviews on a variety of media. There are reviews of software, hardware, consumer electronics, books, movies, audio performances and music. We formerly reviewed many Xbox, GameBoy Advance, GameCube, PS2 and PSP console games. Although we still occasionally review video games, our focus is elsewhere.

Some of the hardware that has been reviewed includes the FlyVideo FM '98 TV/ radio tuner card, the Razer BoomSlang 2000 computer mouse, the video digitizer Snappy and the Logitech QuickCam Pro. In the past we've also reviewed a home networking solution called HomePlug Ethernet Adapter. We've reviewed such Microsoft items as a digital mouse and a laptop video camera.

On the consumer electronics side of things, we have reviewed material like a remote control for toddlers called Weemote and a pocket sized digital camera called the Clever Cam 360. One of consumer electronics reviews featured SOUNDaround, a surround sound and home theater alternative. And we also evaluated and reviewed the very first version of the Flip camcorder.

Quite a few software companies have provided material to BVS Reviews since its inception. Some of these companies no longer exist but at the time were viable and sent material to us. These companies include Cavedog Entertainment, Davidson and Associate and Red Orb.

Some of the other software companies who have sent material for us to review are MGM Interactive, Knowledge Adventure, Blizzard, Broderbund, Access Software, Activision, Macmillan Digital Publishing, Corel Corp. and Adobe Systems.

BVS Reviews has received material from Macromedia, from products like the Director Shockwave Studio all the way up to Studio MX 2004. In the past,BVS Reviews received and evaluated material from Microsoft. Products such as Diskeeper and Undelete from Executive software have also been reviewed.

On the video game side of things, we have received and reviewed material from Eidos Interactive, Southpeak Interactive, Red Storm Entertainment, Kunomi, Activision, Namco, Midway and Ubisoft among others.

Software companies such as Scansoft and Individual Software have used quotes from BVS Reviews to promote their products. Jumby Bay Studios has used a quote from BVS Reviews to promote their Rules of The Road interactive DVD driver's training program.

A few of the book publishers that have provided material to BVS Reviews are Macmillan Computer Publishing, Peachpit Press, Prentice Hall, Scribners, St. Martin 's Press, Grey Core Press, Muska & Lipman and Microsoft Press. We have added publishers under the Random House umbrella, along with McFarland and Hyperion as sources.

BVS Reviews has also worked with The Publishing Mills to review Audio/Books On Tape. We have worked with LA Theatre Works to review their live audience performances of productions such as Agnes Of God with Barbara Bain and My Favorite Husband with Marylou Henner.  Quotes from BVS Reviews on Cakewalk, Agnes of God and My Favorite Husband were used to help promote the productions on the LA Theatre Works web site.

Some of the music that we have reviewed ranges from Country to hard rock and a lot in-between. From major artists such as Norah Jones to performers just starting out like teen rockers, ZeroHour, we have reviewed a wide variety of music. Some artists recently reviewed include Missy Higgins, Ember Swift, Mindi Abair, Carol Duboc, Kids In The Way, Peculiar Boogie and The Wedding. We recieved and reviewed the 2006 GRAMMY Nominees album.

As far as DVD's go, we have reviewed anime DVD titles from ADV Films, US Manga, Central Park Media and Urban Vision. We have also reviewed live actor films from each of them. We've reviewed such DVD's as The Land of the Lost Complete Third Season, the Spenser For Hire DVD Collection, Graham Chapman's Looks Like A Brown Trowser Job, the Special Anniversary edition of the film Le Femme Nakita and both the first and second Complete Seaons of Too Close For Comfort. We also reviewed Blackmore's Night: Castles & Dreams featuring Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple and Rainbow rock band fame.

The list of the Public Relations agencies that have supported our review process include Miles High Productions, S & S Public Relations, Waggener Edstrom, Faiola Davis Public Relations, Mclean Public Relations, SFPR ,The Terpin Group and Bender Helper Impact. We added Luck Media and Kathy Acquaviva Media along with HoopLA Media to our growing list of media sources. East West Media, McCain & Company, Webster & Associates and Turning Point PR are but a few of the many other Public Relations agencies who have provided information and materials to aid in our reviews.

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